UK online casinos has a new face

In the Internet age and alongside the expansion of online gambling, whether it be from a desktop device or a mobile or tablet, has come the rise of a new age of gambling. There has been a recent surge in the popularity of live casinos, which aim to provide a gambling service to its customers as close to a real life casino experience as feasibly possible. Many of the live casino brands have an array of attractive, appealing and engaging live dealers, which entice customers to play from all over the world and the fact that they can play from the comfort of their own homes, makes the process all the more enjoyable. Live casinos can offer an entertaining and fun casino experience, with interactive live casino games and since they operate as live dealer casinos, offer high quality streaming via video links. Much of the appeal of live casinos is the fact that they create conditions that are not only engaging for the online gambler but also an environment which is trustworthy, safe and fair.

The live dealer experience:

While there are many land casinos across the UK and beyond to enjoy an array of casino games, the advent of live online casinos have made casino services accessible to a much wider audience, who would not otherwise perhaps have sufficient access. There really is an element of authenticity when you can see with your very eyes- via HD video streaming- a real life dealer spin the roulette ball or deal out Blackjack cards, to name just two of the extensive casino games on offer.

Just because you are not physically in a land casino, does not mean that you lose any of the excitement that inevitably comes hand in hand with gambling. Live casinos strive to offer extremely exciting and crucially interactive casino games, on a business model of integrity and fairness. Live game providers are commonly broadcasted from specialist television studios and players across the globe can stream live- and often attractive- dealers at a time that best suits you. Users are also able to communicate with the live dealers via a live chat and hear responses, in order to create the most authentic casino experience as possible.

Some of the benefits of opting for live casinos include, eliminating travel costs and time and it also allows players who feel more comfortable playing from their own home to engage.

Available games on live casinos:

Just because you don’t go to a land casino does not mean that you miss out on your favourite casino games, as live casinos offer an extensive catalogue of games to whet the appetites of casino players both old and new.

Game modes that are offered by live casinos include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, both Casino Hold’em (which is a variation of Texas Hold’em) and the classic five card Texas Hold’em itself. There are many other games like this, all of which can be brought to players with live dealers and via high quality video streams.

While live casinos are best known for providing live dealer games, they also offer classic casino game modes, such as slot machines, Scratchcards and lotteries.

Also, the classic casino rules with regards to these game modes remain the same. In other words, the only difference between playing Blackjack in a live casino to a physical one, is the fact that you are playing from the comfort of your own home.

As well as this, all bets and winnings are processed and paid out in real life time, so you are not missing out in this regard either.

Mobile and tablet:

Many Live casinos are also applicable, as you would expect in the Internet age, with mobile and tablet devices. On mobile and tablets there is also an extensive catalogue of game modes for an array of casino players to enjoy. The fact that live casinos are compatible with such devices, means that you can get your online gambling fix on the move. The operators which do provide this mobile and tablet service are also able to stream their videos in the same HD quality as is with the case with their desktop and laptop versions. It must be noted, however, that Mobile and tablet versions are jot available for every single online gambling operator and those that do, cannot provide as extensive (although still decent) a catalogue than the desktop version.