What Kind of Casino Player Are You?

Casinos attract people from all walks of life with many different personalities and for many different reasons. As a mainstream habit between people, it is no surprise that the world of gambling has its own unique culture and terminology that can baffle outsiders. After all, when you next enter a casino (online or otherwise), you will find that some players are regulars, some are professionals and some are complete first-timers. Whatever their position, all are united in their shared use of the casino — be it online or in person — and each will display characteristics that can be well charted. Whether you gamble to escape, interact or realise an impulse, you are guaranteed to be represented in one of the following player profiles. It’s time to find out what kind of casino player you are.

Casino Players and Their Reasons for Playing

The type of casino player someone is can have a huge impact on the shape of a game, its longevity and rollout. It is important to be able to spot the kind of player you are and the kind of players that surround you, to avoid the pitfalls such characteristics bring to a game.

The (Lucky) First Timer: There can only be so many first time players, right? Nevertheless, the chances of you encountering a novice are very high. This type of player is yet to be fully sculpted, but they often show trepidation leading to an invincible personality the more they win. They place ridiculous bets unclouded by bD experience and can reinvigorate the energy in the room. With new online casinos, both with live casinos and non-live uk online casinos, the chances of meeting virgin players increases.

The Professional

In contradistinction from the novice, the professional is an experienced player with their head around the rules, odds and strategies. In uk casinos online, you’ll notice them by their frequency of play, their skill, patience and often by the regimented time they play. You will do well to observe and learn the ropes from these players as emotion is often nulled in their hands.

The Social Player

Social players enjoy the fun of playing casually, chatting with others and gambling for recreation. They are often eager to learn and provide a good buzz of energy and entertaining when games get too serious. Some of these players are members of groups that play together, whilst others simply play online as a way to make friends with and gain momentum. Although they still count as regular players, they are less likely to make rash decisions. Nor will they be playing at unsociable hours.

The Antisocial or Unsociable Player

Unlike professional or social players, these players are waiting to hit it big and will stop at nothing to achieve this. They are not above cheating, spoiling the mood in a room or just insulting other players and staff. They can get aggressive when provoked and are best avoided.

The Problem Gambler

There is no hiding the fact that some suffer from addictive personalities. You will find this type at unsociable hours for unusually prolonged periods of play. They can be irrational and self-destructive. They may be playing with significant debt or real life problems that can overflow and become present in the game.

The Compulsive Player

Like the problem gambler, compulsive players will struggle to cope with bad bets, odds or turnouts. They are led less by cold and objective strategy and more by subjective emotion. This can lead them into tight spots. Compulsive players, however, can still be interesting players to share a room with, but they often can breakdown after an unwanted result, making them unpredictable. They can be avoided by time and bet limitations.

The Escapist

Kind of like social players, escapists are looking for some sort of comfort. This player looks to the casino cathartically to alleviate real life pressures. It often helps them with emotional and psychological problems — be it stress, anxiety, loneliness or just boredom — by providing a safe place for release. Unlike compulsive players, however, the escapist is less likely to make rash decision.

As each player type here has underscored, casinos performs several functions. The risk of playing invites many for the thrill and adventure, but it also attracts those in financial need, those looking to make quick money and those looking to affirm themselves in a social network of fellow players. Like any other cultural phenomena, it invites its own categories and terminology. Which type suits you best and which would you seek to avoid?