2018 Looks Promising – New Casino Concepts and Branded Slots!

You must have probably noted that there is currently an influx in the number of casino sites in 2018. The contributing factor to this rise is the increased urge to play casino as well as new games finding their way to the market each day. Casino operators are on the move to attract more players to their sites. However, the sector is very competitive with more games from different companies hitting the market. Extensive marketing skills are necessary to succeed in the casino operation business. As such, most will offer enticing bonuses and free spins to gain the attention of players. In 2018, the sector continuing to grow and you are likely to have an excellent gaming experience. Besides, you have the opportunity to try your luck in gambling in different casino sites with little investment.

What is Actually ‘New’ at the New Casino Sites?

Launching a new casino site in itself is easier than ever, there are several impressive white label solutions out there that can have a new site up and running in a couple of days. But the only way to really challenge the old behemoths in the business is to offer something more than just access to the latest slots. In an increasingly competitive market you it is no longer enough to just come up with a catchy name and a cool design, you will need new features. Well, that and offering an eye-catching bonus! Nevertheless, there is the excitement of trying out new experiences in gambling. You probably get bored playing at a particular site for an extended period hence the need to look for new websites. This is unless the casino manages to offer something new and exciting or some type of incentive structure. Otherwise a new casino sites will come in to fill this gap. New casino sites 2018 have access to the same thrilling online games, bonuses, promotions, jackpots as the established names. But starting from scratch will allow you to implement new functionality without upsetting your more traditionalist player base. For instance social-networking features and themed loyalty schemes are common among the new sites.

Social is Finally Here

Some of the most popular casino sites in the UK are going out of the way in offering players a more engaging gambling experience just like the traditional way of playing cards. Last year tournaments was all the rage, especially slot tournaments, and most UK casino sites now have created a competition structure where players are pitted against each other on a regular basis. Tournaments are bringing people together in a sense but it is still far from being social in the traditional sense of the term. But 2018 will be the year of the social gambling experience. Sure, this has been a buzzword for years but this time it actually looks to become a reality.

A new casino concept, expected to hit the market in March 2018, is taking the lead. The name is LetsBet and they are aiming to introduce some exceptional features, never before seen in the online casino industry. You will enjoy live broadcasts, talented casino hosts and new entertainment levels for players. Players will have an excellent opportunity to connect with both the casino, via the live hosted games in the lobby, but there will also be an instant messaging function in case you want to say hello to your fellow punters. It will be built around a secret agent theme, which we are speculating, will be a way for players that aren’t as interested in the social aspects to stay anonymous. The ever-growing nature of live events and ability to stream is a somewhat untapped goldmine to the gaming market. Live dealers have of course been around for some time now, and gamblers that broadcasts their casino sessions are also common. But we have yet to see the full potential whereas the operator allows for players to interact in real time representative. The conversion rates are likely to go up, an easier extension of session time and the retention rate for players at a casino will rise due to the close relationships established between players and casino operators. Besides, players are in a position to invite their friends, create favorable gaming groups and chat. Maybe we will even see pooled sessions where a group of friends can come together and share their winnings. If the concept is a success you can bet that others will follow and the social casino concept be even more refined. 2018 is only the beginning, and what the future holds is yet to be seen and hard to predict.

Branded Games 2018

In other good news, a renowned gaming provider NetEnt is collaborating with Sony Pictures Entertainment Company in offering a Jumanji branded game. The new NetEnt slot will be giving you the value of your time in 2018. Jumanji is a complete video slot machine game with a theme originating from the Jumanji blockbuster film. The debut of the new Jumanji Video slot casino game is sometime later in 2018. It is a super addition to a series of other branded games by NetEnt, such as the Guns N’ Roses, the Planet of Apes and Motorhead video slots.