How Online Slots Stack up to Classic Casino Games

Savvy gamers are already conversant with the minute details of playing and making killer winnings on slot games online. Most people, however, rely on sheer luck to make a winning. Understanding terms like casino games house advantage and online slots RTP gives you an edge when playing casino games. They also come in handy when making active playing strategies.

Casino Games House Edge

The term defines the statistical advantage the casino has over a player in the long-run. It means that the term is only applicable if the gamer plays the casino game for a long time. As such, if the casino games online house edge is 20%, it will take twenty percent of all your bets. One-time gamers may not garner on this advantage. It only applies when you place lots of bets or play lots of hands. It does not mean you will lose over an extended period of playing or placing bets, but you get closer to the house edge percentage. Besides, factors such as strategy, discipline, skills and luck come into play when winning bets.

How to Take Advantage of the Casino House Edge

Since house edge represents the statistical advantage that the casino has over the player, it is important to know how to reduce the percentage to your advantage. Sadly, only few casino games allow players to apply strategies that reduce the casino’s house edge. Without strategies, players make decisions based on intuition, which means the house advantage is higher. It explains the natural trend of savvy gamers to make bets on slot games online with an incredibly low house advantage. This way, they get to increase their bankrolls fast.

Online Slots Return to Player

It is used to describe the long-term expected payback from all bets on online slots machines, pokies, video lottery terminal and any other form of gambling with a predetermined house edge. A player who makes a thousand one GBP bets on a slot machine with a theoretical RTP of 90% with all factors held constant should expect a return of 900 GBP in wins from all the stacked 1000 GBP.

Knowing online slots RTP is essential for any savvy gamer. He will not play a slot with a house edge of 10% when there is a slot offering 3-4%. Online slots RTP is just the flipside of the casino games house edge. Thus, if the machine has a 10% house edge, then the average RTP is 90%, which means that over time, the casino keeps 10% of your betting money and returns 90% to players in winnings.

Of course, not all online casinos are willing to show their online slots RTP, hence players can only garner on a few rules to take advantage of them:

  • Place bets on machines located in casinos and avoid playing in other locations. It is because the online slots RTP offered in such places (shopping malls, bars and airports) is lower than in if you played in a real UK online casino.
  • Bet on high denomination slots games online. The premise is the RTP increases by 1% and 2% for every increment on your betting limit. It means penny slots have lower RTPs than nickel and nickel slots offer lower payback percentages than quarter slots and so on
  • Be sure to join the slots club. Members of these slots clubs earn a small proportion of their playback in the form of comps and rebates. Though the amount is pretty insignificant (0.1%-0.3%), every coin counts.
  • Always place the highest. It is because many slot games online only offer jackpot winnings after playing a maximum number of coins. Making small bets reduces your chance of winning top prizes significantly.

How to Garner on Online Slots RTP

Note that while casinos show a particular RTP, individual slots may offer different payouts. The problem with most players is that after making killer winnings, they use the profits to offset previous losses or make more monies on other slots. Individual slots within an online casino are viewed as one giant slot with different interfaces. As such, online casino slots RTP should not be compared with land-based casinos and slots RTP.

In reality, the online slots RTP should help you calculate the amount you will lose over time when playing a particular game. However, such expectations are only real when you have placed bets or played hands worth a million or more. Suppose you make two gambling trips per year for 30 years and spend 20 hours of each vacation playing slot machines. If the online slots RTP are 95%, 85% and 75%, you expect to lose (if there are 50 spins per hour) 6000 GBP, 18000 GBP and 30000 GBP over your entire gambling life.