Delve deeper into these Roulette systems before playing casino online

Roulette is, essentially, a game of chance. Whether you win big or not depends, primarily, on where that wheel lands. Nevertheless, studies have suggested that adhering to a specific roulette ‘system’ does increase your chance of winning by several percent. Let’s take a closer look at four popular roulette systems: the Martingale, the Reverse Martingale or Paroli System and the D’Alembert and Reverse D’Alembert Systems.

The Martingale System

The Martingale is several centuries old. The principle behind it is simple, as you just need to follow a single rule: every time that you lose, increase the amount of money you bet. Carry on increasing your bets, until you win. When you win, walk away from the table. Some players who use this roulette strategy stick to betting either on Red or on Black. Several commentators condemn the Martingale system (and any system that prescribes raising your bets when you have not been replenishing your wallet with winnings) as reckless. Logically, they argue, when you follow this system you can end up betting £100s or £1000s and only winning back a pound or two. What happens, they attest, if you carry on raising your bets and run out of money before you have a chance to recoup those losses with a win further down the line?

The Reverse Martingale

Many opponents of the Martingale System argue that the Reverse Martingale System is a better candidate for the title of roulette optimal strategy. Under this system, you will increase your bets only if you won on the previous bet. Evidently, it is the reverse of the classic ‘Martingale’, hence its name. This system is often seen to be less foolhardy than the Martingale system, as with the Reverse Martingale you will only increase your bet once you have replenished your kitty with some winnings. As mentioned above, this system is sometimes referred to as the Paroli System.

The D’Alembert System

With this strategy, you will be using one of the safest systems for playing roulette online around. This is because, though you do increase your bets, you do so at a smaller rate than with the Martingale. With this system, you will opt only for even chance bets (i.e. Red or Black, or Odd or Even) so there is a 50/50 chance of winning. Increase your bet by one unit after each loss. The aim is to stop once you have as many wins as losses. Once you stop, you should find that you have made as much profit as the number of bets you placed.

The Reverse D’Alembert System

With this system, you will bet on even chance odds. However, this time you will increase your bets by one unit after each win. The only disadvantage of this system is that, in order to make a profit overall, you will need to have more wins than losses overall. Thus, players will need to walk away from the roulette table once they have one more win than they have losses.

Have any of these systems worked for you?

If you like to play roulette online, trying out a strategy like one of the systems above could provide you with a way to stay focused and to make higher profits than you do currently. The only consideration to bear in mind is that strategists affirm that once you have chosen a strategy you must stick to it for the duration of a game – it is no use abandoning the strategy half way through.