Can your free spins be re-triggered? Find out how to get re-triggering free spins

If you play slot games online, the chances are you’ve come across free spins as part of a bonus gam and wondered whether or not you can retrigger free spins. Fortunately, you can retrigger free spins at many online casinos in the UK (sometimes multiple times) and this can lead to some pretty big wins. This short guide will tell you everything you need to know about retrigger slots and how to use retrigger free spins.

How Does Retriggering Work?

If you’ve ever played a slot game then you’re probably familiar with the word ‘scatter’. The scatter symbol is usually responsible for triggering free spins, slots will usually require 2, 3, or 5 scatter symbols to appear in sequence before triggering free spins. The number of free spins that you receive can sometimes be determined by the amount of scatter symbols that appear, for example 2 scatter symbols may award you 10 free spins, 3 may award 15 spins, and 5 may award 20 free spins. However, this is all dependent on the particular slot that you are playing. Once free spins have started, most slots can retrigger spins if scatter symbols appear during the free spins game. This means that players will get an additional number of free spins added to the original number free spins that were awarded. In some cases, a slot game may retrigger spins several times leading to a big payout.

Is There A Method To Retriggering Free Spins?

Generally retriggered spins are based completely on luck, like most outcomes of slot games. Opting for games that have free spin features is a good place to start, most slot games will offer free spins but some may have different bonus games that are more interactive. It’s a good idea to check the pay table for the slot game that you have chosen, this will show all possible outcomes of the game, what they pay, and which bonus games/free spins to expect.

What’s So Good About Free Spins?

Some players may wish to choose games that offer free spins over other bonus games, and there is a good reason for this. Free spins are exactly as they sound, spins that don’t cost anything, and if you are staking large amounts per spin, then 20 free spins can pay big and save you money. For example, if you stake £5.00 per spin, 20 free spins saves you £100 and can possibly lead to you winning a large amount of money. Other bonus games may not pay as well, some bonus games will require players to interact with the game and choose from a variety of hidden prizes. Sometimes the hidden prizes can be very low, for example 2x the initial stake.

Are Free Spins Limited?

Although you can retrigger free spins multiple times in one game, most slots will have some kind of limit on free spins, if they didn’t, in theory free spins could never end. Therefore, there is usually either a limit on the amount of money that a player can win during a free spins round, or a limit on the number of spins that can be awarded.

Other Limits In Free Spins Rounds

Most slot games will have both a free spins bonus, and another kind of bonus. Usually the bonus game will be triggered by 3 consecutive bonus symbols, and free spins will be triggered by between 2-5 (depending on the game) ‘scatter’ or ‘free spins’ symbols. Often, there will be a limit placed on triggering a bonus game during free spins. Some slots will allow players to trigger the bonus game during free spins, but it’s fairly uncommon. This means if during the free spins round, 3 bonus symbols appear, the free spins will usually continue without a bonus game starting, or in some cases, the symbols may retrigger more free spins, or add a multiplier.

How To Use Retriggering Free Spins

Retriggered spins will usually start automatically as part of the initial free spins round. Usually additional free spins will be added to the number of free spins that you have left. Sometimes, players may be required to click ‘start free spins’ after their initial free spins have ended, but this is not usually the case. Generally you just need to sit back and enjoy the free spins and any retriggers that you earn during the round. Most slot games don’t require players to have any prior knowledge or skills to successfully operate them.